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Ukraine Flag

St. B. Kramatorsky, 1
t. Kramatorsk
Donetsk region

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The trident (tryzub) is an ancient symbol of the Ukraine.



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Club President:  

Vladimir K. Bantush


Igor V. Matsay
Dmitry E. Bredun
Zoy G. Bredun
Uriy V. Maksimushkin

   Some information about the club.

   Our club is young, but it is popular and successful.
   About 300 people are training in our club (boys and girls.)

   In 1998 our club member, Michael BAKIN became champion of the world.
   Larisa GARAGULYA obtained the silver medal of the European Championship.

   Igor MATSAY is an international class master, referee of international class,
   and obtained third place in the 1998 FIAS World Championships in the city of Kaliningrad.

       Some pictures.  Click on the small pictures to view them in full size.


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     V. Saunin (World and European Champion in Sambo and Judo) and Igor Matsay S. Nivikov (Olympic Judo Champion,) I. Matsay, and E. Soloshenko (Vice President FSU.) Federation SAMBO Ukraine - FSU. European Sambo Championship 1999 SOFIA, leader of carpet Igor I. Matsay.
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    Michael Bukin (1998 World Champion Sambo,) I. Matsay, and L. Garaguly (1993 European Champion) Igor V.Matsay ( coach,) Vladimir Poddubnak (Silver Medal of European and World Championship,) Evgeny Sotnik (Champion of Europe and of the World.) Women Ukraine Sambo Team
Silver medal wiiners of the 1999 European Sambo Competition in Sofia, Bulgaria
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